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Funding Sources

The CLL Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory is supported by several multi-year, cross functional interdisciplinary grants to sustain our highly translational research efforts and collaborations across the Ohio State University and the nation to improve our understanding of leukemia and develop new therapies. In addition to participating in several NCI Project Program grants, the CLL Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory and the Ohio State University has been recognized as a Specialized Program of Research Excellence by the National Cancer Institute (http://trp.cancer.gov/) and a Specialized Center of Research Excellence by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (SCORE).

SPORE - Experimental Therapeutics of Leukemia
PI: John C. Byrd MD
Agency/Type: NIH/NCI 7 P50-CA140158-02 08/17/2009-07/31/2014
Goal: Highly translational research that improves our understanding of leukemia development, risk stratification and therapy.

For more information on the OSU SPORE program, click here.

SCORE - Experimental Therapeutics in CLL
PI: John C. Byrd MD
Agency/Type: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society LLS 7080-06/7004-11 10/01/2005-09/30/2015
Goal: To develop new therapies for the treatment of CLL

Phase I Trials of Anti-Cancer Agents
PI: Michael Grever, MD.
Agency/Type: NCI 7 U01 CA 076576-13 03/15/2003-02/28/2013
Goal: This project conducts correlative studies to evaluate clinical outcomes in the context of basic science observations. Studies done under this project will advance new therapies from the bench to the bedside and provide insights into cancer biology.

Translational Training Grant in Experimental Therapeutics
PI: John C. Byrd
Agency/Type: NCI 5 K12 CA133250-02 09/09/2008-07/31/2013
Goal: To provide individualized faculty level training to ensure a cadre of translational medical doctors and basic science researchers who can collaborate with each other to design and implement hypothesis-driven experimental therapeutic research directed at patients with cancer.

Innate immunity: Elucidation and Modulation for Cancer Therapy- Project #1: Innate Immune Therapies in B-cell Malignancies.
PI: John C. Byrd MD (Project 1); Michael Caligiuri MD (PPG)
Agency/Type: NCI / 7 P01 CA95426-09 09/30/2002-08/31/2012
Goal: The overall goal is to rapidly introduce innovative clinical trials testing laboratory-based hypotheses, while pursuing additional basic investigation of innate immunity for subsequent cancer immunotherapy trials.

DNA methylation & chromatin modifications: mechanisms & applications in cancer therapy. Project 1: Clinical Investigation of Epigenetic Therapy. Core C: Pathology/Tissue Procurement.
PI: John C. Byrd MD (Project 1 and Core C); Sam Jacob, PhD (PPG) 09/27/2006- 07/31/2011
Agency/Type: NCI 5 P01 CA101956-05
Goal: The over goal is a translational program intended to gain insight into tumor-specific alterations in DNA methylation profile and chromatin configuration that can be therapeutically targeted in real time.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia research consortium (CRC): Project 6.
PI: Michael Grever, MD 04/01/2006-04/30/2011
Agency/Type: NCI - Univ of CA, San Diego 5 P01 CA81534-11 / PO 10267714
Goal: Through participation in the consortium, to investigate drug resistance in CLL and identify new therapeutic agents.