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Michael Grever, MD

Associate Dean for Medical Services, College of Medicine Chairman and Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Professor, Department of Pharmacology
Bertha Bouroncle MD and Andrew Pereny Chair in Cancer Research                                                                                     Co-Leader, Experimental Therapeutics, OSU-James Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Grever is Chairman and of the Department of Internal Medicine and holds the Bertha Bouroncle MD and Andrew Pereny Chair in Cancer Research. He is also a Professor of Pharmacology in the College of Medicine at The Ohio State University. He is the Co-Leader of the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Experimental Therapeutics Program. He serves as the Principal Investigator on the NCI-funded Phase I Grant (U01 CA76576) at OSU. Dr. Grever has over 30 years of experience in experimental chemotherapy and drug development for patients with CLL and other hematologic malignancies. He previously served as the Deputy Director of the NCI’s Division of Cancer Treatment and the Associate Director of the NCI’s Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP), directing the preclinical effort for drug discovery and development of anti-cancer and anti-HIV agents. Dr. Grever performed the initial phase I studies on purine nucleoside analogs in patients with hematologic malignancies, and conducted one of the initial phase II studies of fludarabine in patients with CLL. Together with Dr. Byrd, Dr. Grever was among the first to investigate the potential both of histone deacetylase inhibitors (depsipeptide) and cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors (flavopiridol) in CLL, and oversaw both laboratory and Phase I clinical studies of both these agents.

Dr. Grever remains active in the search for new and effective therapy for CLL. He continues to lead the Phase I Program at Ohio State and also provides leadership at a national level. He was a Co-Chair of the NCI’s Investigational Drug Branch Steering Committee and served on both RAID and NEXT review committees for the NCI. In addition to the U01 funding, he is actively engaged in collaborative team based research involving P01, P50, SPORE, and SCOR projects. His background in pharmacology enabled him to co-lead the program forward with pharmacologically-directed phase I studies of an exciting agent (Flavopiridol). He worked with this agent pre-clinically at the NCI and pursued its clinical development over the past decade. He is now responsible for advising on the preclinical and early clinical development of many new synthetic agents as well as interesting natural products. He has been fortunate to have experience both in preclinical drug discovery and development as well as the design and conduct of clinical trials leading to FDA approval for several new agents and now shares his experiences with young investigators in his program.