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Molecular Pharmacology

Translating science from bench to bedside is critical for advancing the treatment of CLL. Molecular Phamacology examines promising new treatments developed by pharmaceutical companies, at OSU and by collaborators with the intention of elucidating mechanism of action and optimizing clinical outcomes before going to clinical trials. Molecular pharmacology has recently been focusing on cyclin-dependent kinase inhibition with the success of flavopiradol, the role of PI3K in the CLL tumor cell as well as microenvironment, and the use of lenalidomide in the treatment of CLL. This work provides valuable insight into the potential use of both kinase inhibitors and kinase activators for the treatment of CLL. This is important as unlike diseases such chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) which displays a targetable aberrant fusion protein kinase, CLL displays no such target, but does display altered kinase signaling as compared to normal B-cells. By utilizing the known differences between normal B-cells and transformed cells such as CLL we have been able to predict new target kinases. This work adds to our ability to develop new therapeutics .


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