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Transcriptional Repression and Aberrant Signaling Pathways in CLL


Transcriptional Represssion and Aberrant Signaling Pathways in CLL


The NF-kB signaling pathway has been described as constitutively active in CLL and other B cell malignancies. However therapeutic approaches to target this pathway, while likely to be clinically effective, are still under development. Hsp90 regulates the NF-kB pathway as well as other signaling pathways that are involved in CLL pathogenesis; therefore the inhibition of Hsp90 represents an attractive treatment strategy. Also particularly important is the role of NF-kB in epigenetic silencing, and more recently the regulation of non-coding RNA, and how this translates into transcriptional regulation in CLL. However, there are still undesirable off target side effects from systemically disrupting NF-kB. More advanced targeting methods will be possible through greater understanding of exactly how this pathway functions to both activate and repress gene expression in CLL.

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